Rape Dwarf vs. Ben Shapiro

the rape dwarf drags you by your virgin ankles down the hallway to the men’s bathroom. the shrieks of the fleeing mob drown out your own. the rape dwarf kicks open the door and tosses you in like a sack of every unwanted unloved potatoes that ever existed. your head slams off the stall, making your vision blurry. the rape dwarf picks you up by your greasy unwashed hair and presses your body face first against the urinal.

“You were trying to cross the border, weren’t you?” It whispers in your ear.

Suddenly the ceiling crashes in. both you and the rape dwarf cover yourselves from the falling debris. there in the wreckage stands Ben Shapiro, looking like the savior of the fucking future of the entire planet.

“I thought I sent you back to the dark hole you came from.” Ben’s eyes turn to slits.

“You thought wrong, motherfucker!” The rape dwarf screams, careening at Ben.

You cower at the might of these two titans. It’s like the fucking epic history of fucking Gilgamesh. Ben and the rape dwarf tear apart the bathroom and the whole school in their balls out struggle, spilling out into the playground where all the fleeing students are gathered. Children and adults are screaming in a deafening cacophony.

The rape dwarf throws Ben away and into the crowd. Ben doesn’t fucking give a shit as the children cushion his fall into the gravel, parting the assholes like goddamn Moses as their bodies disintegrate from the force. He punches his fist into the gravel, slowing his momentum, and comes to a halt.

“NOT THIS TIME!!!” Power erupts from Ben’s body, nearly bursting the muscles from his perfect skin. He swells to Manifest Destiny California Goldrush Level. His 14ft prehensile dick busts through his pants, no longer able to be contained. It writhes like a fucking snake screaming “Don’t Tread on Me!”

The rape dwarf’s balls swell to Sisyphusian level, lifting his whole body off the ground. His REEEEEEEEE almost overpowers the screams of everyone. “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”

Ben streaks towards the rape dwarf as the dwarf unleashes a superass fucking kamehameha wave from its engorged cock. Ben’s cock starts twirling like the blades of a fucking samurai helicopter, deflecting the energy blast in multiple directions. the crowd is decimated from the fallout and the screams of dying elementary children fill the air. Ben pushes toward the rape dwarf, unfazed by the dying cries of the innocent bystanders, his dick deflecting shit at seemingly light speed. The rape dwarf sees him coming closer and unleashes the full gloriousness of his dark unholy sack with a sound that goes beyond human hearing. There is a blinding flash of light.

In the aftermath, Ben Shapiro is left standing, his 14ft prehensile cock limp and unresponsive. The rape dwarf is coughing up blood, trying to regain his feet. Rape dwarf stands, its ballsack shriveled and spent. He looks Ben Shapiro in his eyes.


Ben Shapiro screams, his flaccid dick coming to life, the veins pulsating with the heartbeat of America. Shapiro’s cock reaches out, wraps itself around the rape dwarf’s neck and lifts him up. They look at each other. the rape dwarf spits in Ben’s face. Ben lets it slide down his face, unflinching. The rape dwarf closes his eyes. Ben does too. There’s a crack as Ben’s penis suddenly constricts and snaps the rape dwarf’s neck. Ben opens his eyes. His anaconda death grip penis releases. the rape dwarf’s body falls to the ground. A single tear falls down Ben’s cheek from his left eye.

“Another libtard rekt…just.. gotta…keep going…”

You are finally able to pull yourself from the wreckage of the bathroom where the battle began. You look out over the carnage, the burnt and crushed bodies of your teachers and classmates just in time to see Ben Shapiro sigh and launch himself into the stratosphere.

you’re safe for one more day Anon.

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