Okay, know this is a really bad idea but,
I’m already here so,
Here we fucking go

x3 nuzzles, .pdf on you, uwu you so warm (Ooh)

Couldn’t help but notice your .bmp from across the .flv

Nuzzles your necky wecky-.txt .msi-tilde, hehe

Un.zip your baggy .aif pants, oof baby you so .mov

See me .wav my widdle baby tail all for your .bak-.wpl

Kissies and lickies your neck (.mp3)

I hope .dat likies

Nuzzles and .wsf your .cfg (Yuh)

I be (Yeah) gettin’ .txt

Hey, I got a little .iso, you think you can .html me?

Only seven .ini long, uwu, please .email me

Paws on your .bat as I lick my .lnk (UwU, punish me please)

‘Bout to hit ’em with this .fnt shit (He don’t see it comin’)


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