response to someone who hates lolis

Is this a joke? I don’t do the whole 2D anime girl thing regardless of their age but you seem to genuinely have some hatred/prejudice against a cartoon genre. I get the knee jerk response, it’s gross and weird and we respond poorly to things we don’t understand. However… There are many things I find gross, weird, bizarre, unsettling that I don’t have hatred or prejudice about. I think the concept of veganism is unnatural, I think vocal vegans present a threat in that their influence has obviously affected the market and availability of certain products. Some of my favorite store bought products have changed for the worse in the name of satisfying a diversity of diets. I don’t judge vegans for that though. I understand that they believe what they do because they feel it’s right and they don’t intend to hurt anyone else and even their impact on the market is limited and honestly it’s probably for the best that the market supports diverse diets. I don’t like it, but I understand. Similarly people who are into Hentai (of any kind) fall into this kind of category. They don’t intend to hurt anyone and their art doesn’t require or encourage anyone to be hurt. Do I like that people find that appealing? No. I think that it is also unnatural and weird but I also understand that different people exist and as long as they don’t encroach on my rights or safety or the rights and safety of others I couldn’t imagine taking a totalitarian stance against their existence. I feel the same way about Nazis. Up until the point where they become violent they have a right to believe whatever they want and say whatever they want.

I understand Madghosts isn’t a free speech environment and I’m not arguing that people should be free to say anything they want, but for you an individual to believe it is appropriate to silence or suppress others because of their interests… That is wrong. That’s compounded by the fact that you’re taking a particularly violent tone about this. Based on my life experience the rational conclusion I would come to having seen your rhetoric is that you are either guilty of the thing you are railing against or guilty of something equal in magnitude with regards to its societal perspective.

I don’t agree with the concept of Lolicon or Shotacon but the idea that it is ever acceptable to silence or suppress someone because of their beliefs is in my opinion far worse.

As a result of the tone of your post I’ve reported it for containing hateful language and threats of violence. Hopefully the administration won’t take the same hard-line stance against you that you would against others but if they do I have to assume that by your own admission that would be an acceptable outcome for you.

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