response to “What the fuck 💀” from r/dontputyourdickinthat

Dude stop. My brother died in a car accident stop using the skull emoji. Rest in peace to my brother. Please refrain from using it in your life, that is wrong to all the people who lost their lifes. I sincerely hope you learn from this mistake and no longer make the same choice again. Please evaluate your life choices, and question yourself to why you decided to use the skull emoji. I understand that you may have been through alot, but that does not mean you should joke about dead people. You may have been abused or hurt, but do not use that as an excuse to hurt others. If i ever catch you using offensive things again, so help me god i will find you. I will find you myself. I swear on my brothers grave that i will stop at no cost. You are my enemy. And i will hunt you like you are my prey

#response #fuck #rdontputyourdickinthat

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