Review of the Marvel Film Morbius (2022)

Morbius completely reshaped my existence. Before Morbius I was partially elated to witness such a work of cinematography. When it finally came out, I was beyond stupefied. This film, on its own, manages to completely overhaul our preconceptions of modern cinema and transform it into the masterstroke that people have made it seem. I look at the reviews that praise the movie and scoff. What fools! They completely misunderstand the surreal, philosophical ad existential implications of the existence of such a picture. In my heightened wisdom and ameliorated cognition, I can easily deduce the true underlying beauty behind the motion picture Morbius. To explain it via text would not do the film justice; you must experience it for yourself. I sit here, pondering if any piece of art would be able to replicate or surpass such a creation, and after some deep analysis I came to a terrifying conclusion: Morbius has completely killed the very concept of art. Such a beautifully executed plan cannot be replicated, it is a thermodynamic miracle, and because the standard of film has skyrocketed to such alpine quantum, no other piece of art, be it painted or literary could possibly surpass it. I find myself in a deep state of sorrow, as the very thing I grew up with was murdered by what can only be described as a movie made by the gods. However, this transcendental artistic specimen is so indefectible, it merits an infinite number of viewings. Morbius is the only film you will ever need to see. In the generations that follow, children will learn of such success of the human mind, and become like gods due to their minds transcending the measly conventions of modern cinematography. With great pleasure and satisfaction, I can pray to God and say “Thank you for creating Daniel Espinosa, because he created one of the films of all time”.

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