Riding in car with male colleague I’d never met before, he starts driving me out into the middle of nowhere. I thought he was going to murder me. Thankfully, he turned out to be nice, but wtf is wrong with men?

Idk if this is the place, but I just want to vent about how batshit insane it is to have a woman you’ve never met in your car and just randomly start driving out to the middle of nowhere on the back roads of a LANDFILL. What the actual fuck is wrong with men sometimes? I had literally never met this dude before today, I don’t know if he’s like a cool guy or if he’s got a documented creep history or what. He didn’t even ask me if I would be okay with it, he just says “I like birdwatching. We’re going to do some birdwatching.” and, first of all, we are not employed in that area whatsoever. Like we are both professionals on the clock at an organization that absolutely does not fuck with birds. We were supposed to be going out to [place] to do [thing that has nothing to do with birds]. I don’t even fucking care about birds.

So he’s driving out to the landfill and he veers off onto the access roads that are only supposed to be for the big landfill trucks and he’s driving me deeper and deeper into these backwoods hilly areas where the terrain is increasingly unmanageable and muddy and there’s absolutely no way I could escape. I texted my mom to call the police if she didn’t hear back from me by X time. Y’all, this man pulled out a pair of binoculars and started BIRD-WATCHING. I’m just staring at this guy like wtf? And he’s just obliviously watching the fucking birds in the lake adjacent to the landfill and he starts telling me all about these fucking birds and I’m just like so fucking confused because I thought the birds were a rouse, but, no, this dude legit just kidnapped me to go bird-watching in the middle of a work field trip. Just to make it clear, I am not friends with this man, I have never met this man before today, we are not even friends of friends, we have not exchanged a single text/email. We were carpooling for a work thing.

We did actually do our work shit after an hour of bird-watching and he turned out to be a nice guy, but like I was fucking terrified for a good while there thinking I was going to be murdered. Wtf is wrong with men? Do men just randomly kidnap other men onto bizarre field trips they didn’t agree to? Are men just fine with this behavior from other men? I’m also pissed about my time being wasted. He could have just fucking gone by himself and pushed our meeting time back by an hour. I wouldn’t have minded. I woke up early, lost an extra hour of sleep to meet this guy for [work shit] so he can take me out to work sites and teach me shit and he just wastes my fucking time looking at birds in the most murdery fucking location ever. I don’t even fucking like birds!

I’m going to sort of ask a female colleague at work what to do and figure out how to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again and all that jazz, but I just don’t really want advice now, I just want to vent about how much it fucking sucks to be facing the constant threat of murder for being born with internal reproductive organs. Fucking hell.

Men who might be reading this thread: If a woman starts making shaky jokes about whether or not you’re going to murder her, please take a second to reevaluate your behavior because it’s probably at least a little bit creepy. Thanks.

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