💜 Wotcha sluts!😘🥂 It’s official: 👸🕊Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II🕊👸 has Elizabeat-off🤙 this 🙏✝️Mortal Coil!✝️🙏🤪 So join us in 😩Mourning😩 n’ 🥴Moaning🥴 at 💂‍♀️🏰👉Suckingham Phallus👌🏰💂‍♀️…✨🌝Tonight’s the night to 😘Snog💋 ’til we’re Knackered🥵, take a ride on 🚌💦Double Deckers🚌💦, and 👑👰‍♀️Marry Our Cousins👰‍♀️👑 all in honour of 💒🦵Her Royal Thighness🦵💒!!💃💘 💌Send this to your own 💖Royal Fam💅 of 💗S&M freaks💗 (that’s Sovereigns & Monarchists)🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 If u get 3️⃣ back, 🍻yer proper chuffed😝 AND stuffed🥵👉👌 when the elected 👅HEAD of State👅 is sure to give you that 😏🏟Millennium Dome🎡🤯! 🫖✨If u get 6️⃣, 🫡💍God Save THIS Size Queen💍🫡 cuz ‘ol 🕰🍆Big Ben🍆🕰 says you’re 👏Half🕐Past🕝Fucked!🕣😳😳😳 And if u get 🔟? 🎩😉Well cheerio, my hoe,😘 I’m putting a 🗳Referendum on MY Rear end’um🫣 ➡️➡️With our massive 🍑Spheres of Influence🍑 we can de-colonize 😍Hearts, 🧐Minds & 😤Holes to form a 💫new 🌍Cummingwealth💦💦💦 where the only 💋QUEEN💅 is the one in 👀 THE MIRROR🪞🫵, babes‼️🥰💞💞 Ta~!❌⭕️❌⭕️


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