roblox user rages over a military group

Okay so normally I’m quiet and peaceful about this stuff, but first off vert. Your rank is adjutant general meaning you are high authority, the fact you are bashing a division about Activity when most of them have more activity than you do on HQ is pretty sad. We don’t need people who shout patrols we need active people in-game. MP was active in a 3-4 day time period and not one of the command staff other than king showed, so let’s get that squared away. In the entire time of my return here I have seen you on HQ maybe a handful of times when we are online, you stay for about 10-30 minutes and you’re gone. You say the group is inactive yet now you’re focusing on hosting patrols, News flash if it didn’t work before when we said it and the turnout was maybe 5-8 people max what makes you think shouting it again will change anything? It’s also pretty sad that for the entire duration of HQ being down for 3 days you managed to change only a few decals and yet the other decals of NRIC were completely forgotten about. Now onto topic three, while I respect the position you hold you have no idea how to run divisions, the fact you are a division com in every single division and that they are empty is upsetting. I’ve never seen a person hold so many divisions yet the people within them are in high command. You can ask yourself why the group is inactive but then here is the answer to your question. No activity is probably due to no sign of leadership to the forces. And this brings me to my final topic, the fact you are in control over development over v2 is honestly very confusing, we spend so much time waiting for you to tell us what to build that we could have rebuilt an entire town without you knowing before we ever get an answer from you. Just the fact Croman asked you multiple times and you were clueless about each response was just saddening.

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