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Buying Rogue Lineage Girlfriend For 6 Silver

Upon agreeing to become my girlfriend, you agree to the following:

-Adding me on discord and roblox and talk to me when you have the time.

-Flirting and other sexual activities like ERP in game or discord. (We can also do normal RP.)

-Tell each other about our day and send virtual hugs and kisses.

-Never hide anything from each other. Always trust each other and never lie. Never jokingly flirt with other guys.

-If we were to break up over reasonable things like school, parents, or even stress, then we can end our relationship if you have a good explanation.

-Trying to break up with me out of the blue for no reason or with a bad explanation will get yourself in my House KoS list forever until the end of Rogue Lineage, with the reward for wiping you will be 1K silver.

-Lying to me, cheating on me, manipulating me and/or slandering me for personal gain will get you on my Community KoS list where the entirety of the Rogue Lineage community can hunt you down and wipe you. Wiping reward will be 9K silver.

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