Ron x Hedwig (Harry’s Owl) Fanfiction Part 2

That had been their first encounter. Hermione had kept silent, although she had been avoiding Ron since the incident. Most likely she had not recovered from her shock, or perhaps she did not know what to make of the situation. Either way, Ron was extremely grateful that she hadn’t mentioned anything to Harry about what he had done to his owl.

As for Hedwig’s beak, Ron had told everyone that she had simply got it caught in her cage. No one had questioned him. Mrs. Weasley had mended the beak, although Hedwig was still bleeding profusely. Ron had noticed the owl’s sudden hostility towards him. She would begin her raging fits every time Ron entered the room. Ron couldn’t blame her of course, she probably missed him. But it was rare to find an opportunity to be alone with her, especially now since Hermione was watching him.

Ron couldn’t stop thinking about her. Reveries of her tender little body consumed him entirely. He was in love.

He had never felt this way about another creature before. Sure, there had been Scabbers, but they had lacked the intense connection he had with Hedwig. And there was no use going after Harry anymore, he had made it quite unambiguous that he was not interesting in pursuing a relationship with Ron. Yes, they had made out passionately numerous times; in their dormitory at Hogwarts, under Harry’s invisibility cloak while wandering the halls late at night, in the room of requirements, in the showers as they rubbed each other’s naked bodies with creamy perfumed lotion…

But that was all. Harry was not ready to lose his virginity. He couldn’t satisfy Ron’s sexual cravings the way Hedwig could.

Arduously had Ron gained another opportunity for another rendezvous with his lover. It was a week and a half after their first, and the Weasley family was getting ready to go to Aunt Muriel’s funeral. It had taken Ron a tremendous amount of pleading and persisting to get out of this event. Unfortunately, all his attempts had been in vain as Mrs. Weasley had insisted sternly that he was to come along with the rest of the family.

As a desperate attempt, Ron sliced off his left testicle. After examining Ron’s bleeding crotch, Mrs. Weasley had finally decided to allow him to stay home and recover.

“Make sure you stay in bed and get plenty of rest,” she had warned him before leaving.

But Hermione still had a grim expression on her face. “I know what you’re up to, Ron,” she said finally after the others had left the room.

“I don’t know what you’re taking about,” Ron answered flatly.

“Don’t lie. I saw what you were doing to Hedwig.” She paused, and then added, “It’s not normal. You’ve gone far enough. Don’t do it.”

This angered Ron. “You just don’t understand! We are in love Hermione!”

“But it’s Harry’s owl!” Hermione cried.

“So what? Accept my life choices, you fucking mudblood!”

With this Hermione had left the room with tears in her eyes.

This was the moment that Ron had so eagerly awaited. He and Hedwig were all alone in the house.

Ron approached her cage cautiously. Hedwig had started screeching loudly at the sight of him. Ron couldn’t blame her for being so angry. “Shh,” he told her softly, stroking her feathers, “I’m sorry. I know you are mad because I haven’t seen you lately. But I’ll make it up to you.”

He bent down and kissed her while she was furiously attempting to peck his face. Ron ceased her raging fit with a flick of his wand, and the owl fell silent at once.

Ron continued snogging with the bird, feeling himself go hard in his pants. Hedwig submissively allowed him to run his tongue down her fleecy body, most likely due to the spell he had cast on her. Her feathers were beginning to moisten with his saliva. Ron made his way down her body, reaching her anus with his tongue. He stuck it in her little hole, moving it around slowly, savoring the taste of her rectum.

He kept licking her tight little ass, till he couldn’t ignore his growing erection any longer. He reached into his trousers and pulled out his throbbing penis. He jerked it hard, moaning. He tugged his cock harder, sticking his fingers in Hedwig as he went on. Faster and faster he yanked while finger-fucking the stunned owl. Just watching the unconscious owl as he fingered her was enough to make him spray his load into her silky feathers. But no, he needed more. He wanted to plunge his dick into her, taking her, feeling her climax around him. She would be his first. Very soon.

A strange idea came to him. It was an arousing thought, and he contemplated it momentarily. Then, exclaiming the forbidden curse, ” *owl-us head-chop-off-us!* ” he pointed his wand at the owl.

At once her head fell to the floor, and the pace of his thrusts increased. He moaned. With one hand still on his stiff cock, he picked up the owl’s head and inserted it up his ass. He grunted with pleasure as he felt it make its way up his hole.

At last he reached his climax, and he came into her moist little hole. Ron groaned almost inhumanly, closing his eyes as the euphoria surrounded him. “Wow”, he whispered.

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