Ron x Hedwig (Harry’s Owl) Fanfiction Part 3

When Ron opened his eyes, he realized what had just taken place. The entire room was a wreck. Feathers and semen were everywhere he could see, and Hedwig’s lifeless body lay decapitated in a pool of blood.

“Oh shit,” Ron said flatly.

Picking up his wand, he muttered a cleaning spell that instantly disposed of the feathers. ” *Accio mop*,” he said, and a mop suddenly appeared, wiping the blood and semen off the floor.

Lastly he picked up Hedwig and set her back in the cage. “I hope my stunning spell wears off soon before Harry gets home,” he thought. Then he remembered what he had done to her head.

Squatting down, he pulled down his pants and reached into his asshole for the owl head. Unfortunately he had shoved it far too high, as he was unable to pull it out manually. He began to push, grunting as he increased the pressure. Hot liquid feces began to pour out of his anus, stinging him sharply. His asshole was starting to bleed. Finally, the head slowly emerged out of Ron’s ass, covered in bloody diarrhea. Relieved, Ron cleaned off the mess with his wand.

“*Owl-us head fix-us*!” he yelled, but nothing happened. He tried again, but still nothing. He tried another spell, but the poor owl remained headless.

Ron hit the decapitated bird with a dozen more spells, before he remembered that he couldn’t mend something that had been cursed with dark magic. Ron began to panic. “Maybe Harry won’t notice,” he thought to himself. But it was useless. There was no way he could get away with it.

Ron suddenly got an idea. He ran downstairs into his father’s office, and found a bottle of school glue. His dad had bewitched it. It would work.

He ran back upstairs and quickly glued the head back onto the bird, hoping that the others would not come home yet. He finished, but then to his horror realized that he had glued her head on backwards. He tried to undo it with his wand, but it was impossible. He wouldn’t have anytime to fix it anyway; the others would be home soon. “Oh well, he probably won’t even notice,” he told himself, “I just hope Hedwig comes off the spell soon.”

They had come home shortly after that. Ron was pretending to be asleep, hoping that Harry wouldn’t notice anything wrong about his owl. He didn’t say anything until a few days later.

Ron had been eating supper, when Harry came downstairs. He had looked confused, and a little worried. “Has anyone noticed anything strange about Hedwig lately?”

Hermione looked up immediately. Ron almost choked on his dinner. Coughing, he replied, “what do you mean?”

“She’s not moving, and her head – it looks different, like it’s backwards or something…”

“That’s ridiculous,” Ron said quickly, ignoring Hermione’s glare. “I’m sure you’re just overreacting.”

“And that’s not all…she smells awful…”

“You’re probably just feeding her too much,” Ron insisted.

But Hermione wouldn’t leave him alone. “Are you sure you don’t know what’s wrong with Hedwig?” she asked coldly.

“I have no idea,” he lied as he finished the rest of his supper. He threw his dishes in the sink and went outside for a walk.

But Hermione had refused to let him walk away. She followed Ron outside into the garden. “Ron, what the hell did you do to Harry’s owl?”

“I told you, I didn’t do anything!” he snapped as he walked faster. Hermione ran after him.

“I saw Hedwig. Someone has put a dark curse on her. This is serious, Ron, what did you do?”

Angrily, he turned around. “It was just a stunning curse, okay? I didn’t do anything else. It was just a strong curse, it’s not my fault I’m such a powerful wizard.”

“That’s bullshit,” Hermione yelled. “Hedwig is dead. She hasn’t been moving for days!”

Ron froze. She couldn’t be dead. It was just a stunning spell. Sure, he had chopped her head off and all, but she was a magical owl. She couldn’t die. No, she wasn’t dead. “You’re lying,” he said quietly.

But before she could turn around, Ron punched her in the mouth. Blood cascaded down her face as she tried to scream, but Ron cupped his hand to her mouth. “I told you not to say anything. I told you not to interfere. I told you we’re in love. But you didn’t listen, did you? You filthy mudblood. This is for your own fucking good.”

With this he twisted her neck brutally and she fell lifelessly into his arms.

Ron dragged her body into the woods. He considered taking her right there; violating that muggle-born bitch, stealing her virginity…She deserved it, of course, sticking her mudblood nose into matters where it didn’t belong. But Ron decided against it. He didn’t need her. Hedwig was the only one for him, the one who would take his virginity.

Ron roughly threw Hermione’s corpse into a nearby river. He cleaned his bloody hands in the water and made his way back home. Now there would be no one to keep him away from Hedwig. If anyone did try, they could lie next to Hermione’s body in the river.

“Where’s Hermione?” they had asked him when he returned to the Burrow.

“She wouldn’t accept my life choices. So I corrected her. She went home.”

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