Ron x Hedwig (Harry’s Owl) Fanfiction Part 4 FINAL

A few days later, Mrs. Weasley had planned a shopping trip to Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies. Ron was thrilled, now he would get another chance to see Hedwig before they boarded the Hogwarts Express. He had sliced off his remaining testicle to get out of this event.

“How does this keep happening?” Mrs. Weasley had asked him suspiciously.

“I told you, ma, Quidditch accident.”

“Well I wish you would be more careful. I needed you to come so I could buy you new robes,” she scolded him. “Stay in bed then, make sure you get plenty of rest.”

She finally left with the others, leaving Ron once more with his lover.

He approached her more cautiously this time. She was lying lifeless in her cage. Harry had definitely been right about the smell. Ron could smell a horridly pungent odor emanating from the room before he even opened the door. As he drew nearer to her cage it was impossible to tolerate. He opened the cage, which was reeking of feces and death, and picked up Hedwig.

He ran his fingers down her limp body. She looked so frail that Ron could almost cry. “I’m sure it’s just the stun,” he assured himself, “she’ll be fine in a few days. She’ll be fine.”

He bent down and kissed her softly. Her once shining feathers now tasted intolerably repulsive. It was strangely arousing to Ron, or perhaps the reason he kept going was mainly due to curiosity. But even he couldn’t deny that Hedwig had lost a lot of color as her formerly ivory feathers had turned into a dismal shade of gray.

Not that it mattered, of course, Ron was in love with Hedwig no matter what she looked or smelled like. Never would he ever dream of leaving her. Absolutely not.

“I hope you’re ready for me darling,” he whispered to his inamorata.

Ron took off his shirt and tossed it aside. He would waste no more time, he would take her now before anyone else tried to take her away from him. He was ready, aching to feel himself inside her.

Ron peeled off the rest of his clothes until he was standing completely naked, except for the bandages covering the area where his testicles had once been. He took Hedwig in his arms and caressed her lovingly with his tongue. He stroked her rough feathers and her pale little body. “I’ll be gentle,” he told her.

And then he plunged into her. The tightness of her bewildered him. It was excruciatingly painful for Ron; it was a good thing that Hedwig was not conscious to experience this. Ron slowed down his thrusts in order to adjust to her tightness. He couldn’t help moaning as he felt her around him. Ron buried his face on the ground, which was now covered with her feathers.

He moaned as he thrust into her. He quickened his pace, going faster and faster, reaching closer to the climax with each push. His cock was beginning to hurt from Hedwig’s tightness. Her cunt was dry and cold. Ron had forgotten his lubricating spell. She gradually began to moisten, however, as Ron’s penis began to bleed.

The pain had been utterly agonizing. But Ron had bit his lip and kept going. He was almost there.

And now as Ron stared emptily Hedwig’s cage, he remembered in shame what had then taken place.

The bird had exploded. Right at the peak of their intercourse; when Ron was just about to pour his seed into Hedwig, the single act which would claim both of their virginities…But it had been too much for her. She burst as he emptied himself into her, gray feathers and rotten intestines splattering on the walls and all over Ron.

He remembered the stench, absolutely vulgar and pungent. He remembered the slimy, stinking goop which covered every inch of his naked body.

Most of all, he remembered the scene of absolute horror when he had turned around to see his entire family, along with Harry, gawking at him with their mouths open in utter disbelief.

And that’s how he had ended up here; the ward for the mentally unstable wizards at St. Mungo’s Hospital. They had found out everything. They had found out what Ron had done to Hedwig’s beak, to her head, and to Hermione. At first they had been baffled, then completely appalled and mortified. They had sent him away to St. Mungo’s at once, and so far no one had even paid him a visit. And now he was stuck gaping at Hedwig’s empty cage uselessly while he should’ve been sitting on the Hogwarts Express with Harry and Hermione.

She was dead. She was really, truly, dead. She had been when he had made love to her, but there was no way he could possibly deny this fact now. He just hadn’t been able to let go. He hadn’t been able to cope with his loneliness. And cruelty had taken the poor, majestic bird he was blindly in love with. “Such a beautiful, innocent thing she was,” Ron thought as tears once again cascaded down his face.

It was lucky for Ron that he hadn’t been sent to Azkaban. The Ministry had decided to admit him to St. Mungo’s instead since he was underage. But Ron had dropped the soap on his first day, and mental patients were just as brutal. Even they had no respect for owl fuckers. Ron had just shut his eyes and let them take advantage of his asshole, wishing it was Hedwig that was making love to him instead. And the next few days he had repeatedly dropped the soap on purpose, just for the attention. But it still wasn’t the same. Nothing would be anymore, without Hedwig.

He was glad that he had her cage with him. It was the only thing they had allowed him to bring, and only after he had screamed and pleaded to the courtroom and threatened to gouge his own eyes out. But the cage atleast provided him some closure, although it really wasn’t much.

Ron wasn’t sure if he felt any remorse for what he had done. He had murdered one of his best friends for an owl. But why should he feel anything for her? She had tried to get between him and his lover. And really, what was so wrong about being with Hedwig? He would have never had to kill Hermione in the first place if she had accepted their relationship. The only reason why he was stuck in this place was because they all had been too narrow-minded and unable to question their own biases. And now there was absolutely no one, not a single individual he could turn to. Everything was gone. He was completely torn, ripped away from his lover.

And he would never love again.

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