Run in with the Alphabet Gang!

So get this. I stumble onto a thread where they talk about unpopular opinions. Well, someone said they thought “Platonic Cuddling” was weird (which I ASSUME is a pretty normal opinion!)

Now, the reason this turned out being so weird is because it was a bunch of Asexual people getting offended when I agreed with the OP. I explained that Asexuality was a symptom of many conditions and I don’t believe it’s a sexuality because it’s a very recent claim made by mostly activists who operate government funded non-profits and they’re all quacks from California who have an agenda.

I told one person who disagreed with the OP about the whole John Money thing, how gender identity and sexual theory was seen as super controversial until very recently and brought up my concerns about sexual health in the younger generation right now. Well, they didn’t like that and posted my comment on that Asexuality board and labeled me as “Aphobic” And in the side of their community description it’s all like “Are you Asexual, Gray-Asexual, Demisexual? It’s all a spectrum” and a bunch of other nonsense terms kids are just eating up like skittles and yeah, they’re on a spectrum alright.

#Run #Alphabet #Gang

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  2. Reddit actually gave me a warning that I’d get banned for hate-speech because they mass reported me and even got a bot to message me like “Do you feel like you need help?” LOL pansy safespace shit.

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