rupaul’s drag race season 6 laganja estranja standup

hey hey hey heyyyy! put ya lightas up!! ganja’s in the houuuse! eeeeowwww!!! as you can tell from my accent, i am from dallas, tex-ASS, and it was not very easy growing up looking like this. whether i was playing in my grandma’s clothes, or puttin on a show for my well-organized, alphabetically ordered beanie babies, i was g-g-g-GAY. okayyyyy? but it wasn’t until i moved to los angeles that i discovered mari-WAHna. i mean i like to smoke. yall, i am just flying as high as your receding hairline, okayy? marijuana really helps me calm down. so y’all, i went to valencia where they filmed the tv show Weeds. now, yall, it’s very dry, it’s almost kinda like your vagina. can i get an amen? now yall, i am a tree hugger because if it ain’t green, huh, i am not interested, okayyy?

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