Why don’t you just press the download button to download the video, instead of doing this ludicrously complex and unnecessary bot request process to download it?    

Don’t tell me you’re still using the fucking god awful official Madghosts app? It’s literally the worst madghosts app, by FAR Everyone knows that by now, surely?  I guess not. But yeah, it’s so bad, for reasons like this, is doesn’t even have a download button for videos    

Mate, just use literally any other madghosts app. Literally any one. They’re all much much much better than the official one. And they all have DOWNLOAD BUTTONS for videos and images. You know what I do to download a video? I press the download button and wait 2 seconds. Then I have the video, ready to share with my friends and family etc. Why would I do this daft process of requesting a bot and then waiting 10 minutes for it to reply with a download link? Why would ANYONE do that, when you can just press the download button instead? For Android there’s apps like Sync (my favourite one), Relay, RIF is fun, Boost, Infinity, Now, Baconreader, Joey, Slide, etc. For iPhone, everyone just uses Apollo. There’s other apps, and they’re great, but yeah everyone just uses Apollo cos it’s the best, but there’s others like Narwhal, Baconreader, Slide, Beam, Readder, Multitab, Comet, Resurfer, and more.   

That way as well, you don’t ruin madghosts for everyone else with all this clutter.    


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