Saw this gem on my college discord. Don’t know if it’s here but I’ll document it anyway

You seem to have sunk to new levels of dipshit, and I expect it from idiots but not from you. You are slowly but surely following the path of a stupid fucking gassed freak of nature. There’s so much cholesterol in your pudge-infested body that your hormonal system has probably guarded you from hardships that have broken others, though my initial assessment is that you’ve had a life so easy that you wouldn’t be able to delegate the correct emotional response to a problem even if you spent some time away from the virtual, lawless reality of the internet before you came here. To call someone else a simp from your glasshouse is so absolutely fucking inappropriate that the only redemption for you is to look into the mirror and question your reasoning. To call me a simp or anything else with the confidence of veracity that you did shows me that your thinking process is largely random, leading me to believe it was something to do with jealousy made earlier in response to someone who originally complimented you, though maybe hurt your puerile feelings by not considering you for the ”’grand prize”’ of ‘best male in terms of personality’ or whatever. For you to be so crass to disregard my obvious attempt to be a kind and good person despite an obvious acceptance of the unfortunate level of disdain for a suburbanite deveined shrimp such as yourself is stepping outside your comfort zone and into the belly of the beast. Please check yourself before you wreck yourself in future.

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