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Did you just tell me to chill? Fuck you. I’ll have you know that I’m so chill freezers are modeled after me. The fucking word winter is my middle name. I invented chill you hot piece of shit. I’m so chill that if I walked into a room everyone would shut the fuck up and relax. All I do is chill. I fucking chill everywhere and at all times. If you’re chilling you’re following a trend that invented and made popular. Don’t ever tell me to chill bitch.

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  1. Did you say to calm me? I will be aware that you and coolers are designed according to me. winter word, the middle step I invented cold for a hot piece. I feel so cold if I go to a room that will close and relax. If you are calming me and cold, you will follow an invention and courageous direction. I don’t say to calm me.

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