‘saying reeeeee is ableist’

It is not just ableist but also disgusting and offensive to autistic people. Its supposed to the ‘autistic screech’ and its used as a punchline for jokes, it also mocks and dehumanises autistic people. Its equivalent to that old playground thing of pressing your tongue in front of your front teeth while going ‘mmmrrr spastic’ while flopping your hands at the wrist. This is another form of that. It would not be out of place among the list of other offensive ‘jokes’ and characterizations like black face, crows, yellow face, making ‘slanty eyes’ and sticking your upper jaw out while pretending to speak japanese or chinese. It reduces peoples lives down to a poor joke. Its not funny. The feeling behind it is one of disgust, e.g. ‘ugh theyre so weird’. They see people like me as something to mock and ridicule because they dont understand our unique lived experience. Many of us are subjected to this in public by strangers, frequently its a precursor to being physically assaulted. This makes day to day life extremely difficult when youre afraid of this happening. People with more complex support needs are the most vulnerable and tragically are targeted for this. There are too many murdered autistic people that we have now become a category of statistics. We should not have to be subjected to this. We should not have to live with this. It makes me wonder if each person who uses this meme really realises how much we get this thrown in our faces by more people than just them, if it would change some of their views and behaviours. I want to have faith in humanity to be optimistic, but it comes down to peoples choices towards others.

#reeeeee #ableist

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