‘Send us your cutest delivery boy’

I work at Ralph’s Pizza and over the years, management has managed to hire on only gorgeous men. We call ourselves the Dough Boys and let’s just say we’re making more than just pizza back there the kitchen. We get requests like this all the time; “Send you cutest delivery boy” and that always riles us up. So who’s it gonna be this time? We do a little bulge bashing to see who’s “up” for the delivery the most. Saucy. But no matter how much horseplay ham candle man handling we josh around with tomato mirth, it’s our girth necked manager that ultimately chooses. We don’t argue. He’s never wrong. The Dough Boy he picks for that delivery is always the right choice, is always just the boy to do the delivery. Flour powdered and yeasty, we spank him on his way. “Hurry that pepperoni of yours back!” we call out in jest, knowing there’s nothing he looks forward to more than palling around with the other Dough Boys and seeing where the cheese flies. It’s those little requests that makes the job, ya know? It’s why we love it. We want to make people happy. We want to see people cream their shorts when we slide out of our cars, piping hot pizza smouldering in our beefy hands. It’s about bringing joy to other people. Isn’t that what every pizza place strives for?

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