Shitting from Taco Bell makes you WEAK!!!!!

Ok listen if you shit yourself after eating Taco Bell you’re just weak. Ok? I eat Taco Bell almost weekly and I have never felt BETTER! Its southwest style and use of complex spices have been perfected over generations. So what your puny little white asshole can’t dam the brown tide of spice sliding through your system at mach ten? Huh? You gonna cry in your newly ruined leather car seat? Well maybe after slipping off your soiled cargo shorts and waddling to your bland ass suburban house you could try lifting a single weight? Maybe then you’ll have the strength to handle the bell! Hell just put a grain of salt on some mashed potatoes and these pasty motherfuckers think they’ll see God’s ass hair. Your casserole is shitty Darlene and I’d rather down fifty more Crunch Wrap Supremes with extra Diablo sauce and Avocado Ranch than lick that molten sewage you attempt to conceal as “home cooking”.

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