Sick rap to trick elderly people into signing over their house to you in a reverse mortgage

Daddy I found you

So happy to be around you

I’m on the rebound

It’s been rough without you


What you mean you can’t recall?

You had a May to December

At the local mini mall

You got boozy

In the jacuzzi

With a floozy named Suzie

Who be my mom

Aint no devil spawn


That was confusin

Definitely don’t need a test for DNA to prove it

I should just move in

When I do it’s home improvement


Finally found my daddy, was my ultimate quest

And now I found him it’s astoundin’ my hearts poundin’ my chest

Let’s make up for lost time like parcheesi and chess

FOX News then a nap maybe a walk if we’re stressed

The cat’s in the cradle an’ your cradle sure rocks

You got more equity than an everything bagel got lox


I got your escrow hangin’ low that’s right it’s my dick

Pack yo shit bitch

Now get outta my crib

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