Sigma Male Schedule

Sigma male schedule

3:00AM: wake up upside from bat harness. Real sigmas let all blood go to brain to start the daily grind

3:05: Edging (5 hours) , eat 10 pieces of fish gravel if I accidentally cum.

8:00AM: Jump rope to work blindfolded.

10:30AM: Arrive at work and scream at building security guards for not grinding hard enough.

10:45AM: Eat breakfast in bosses office; 3 raw eggs, 1 pound of broccoli stems, 10 more pieces of fish gravel (for increased concentration)

11:00AM: Accuse boss of fraud

12:00AM: Fake my own death, real sigmas can start over on the daily.

1:00PM: sprint home (security guard threw out jump rope)

2:00PM Growl at people at buss stop in front of home.

3:00PM: Eat dinner, egg shells (leftover from lunch), raw crawfish, cantelope and goat milk.

3:30PM: workout, 200 push-ups (while holding breath, 10 pull ups every time I pass out from holding breath

4:00PM: Masturbate while watching news, shove fish tank gravel in ass for increased control.

5:00PM: Credit card fraud to buy plane tickets that I will never use

6:00PM: Strap back into bat harness and practice peeing upside down until I pass out from hanging upside down

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