So a girl asked me out for a drink

So this morning when i woke up, i noticed i have a message request on instagram. When i opened it, it was from this girl i’ve seen around the town (Note: i live in a small town) but i never talked to her or do i know much about her. The conversation was kinda mediocre, she asked me some weird questions like “whats your favorite candy?” and a little later she asked me if i wanted to go for a drink tonight. Now, i’m not a picky guy, i really am not, but what really isn’t my thing is girl who dress man-ish. This girl has really pretty face, but dresses as just like a boy, and i don’t know how to feel about this, Should i go for a drink with her? If i do, would it be ok if i asked her about her dressing style? One more thing that i found kinda weird is that her skin is green and she has a letter “m” on her belly, but that doesn’t really bother me

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  1. This morning, a reminder of paper is tailored to the necessary information. At the beginning of the school, the girl of the city (notes: a small town) interviewed with him, so his knowledge. I asked me what I had. “Do you have?” and why I would like to see him a night. Now it is not forgive, it is true, but men are girls right. If so, Is it a problem? The skin is green and is a full letter, but in practice I would give me only one two hands.

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