So I’m icing my nipples at the store…

And the guy behind the cash comes to the ice fridge and say “Bro…you’re going to have to pay for that bag of ice.” I was like “Uhh..I don’t think so. I’m not buying the ice, I don’t need it.” So he says, “Yeah, but you’re rubbing it on your nipples. I can’t sell that now. You gotta buy it because you used it.” So I reply “I’m just trying to stay cool. It’s fucking hot in case you haven’t noticed. It’s not like I shoved a cube up my ass. The fucking bag is still cold.” So cashier says “Look, it’s a buck ninety nine. Pay for it, take it and leave.” So being a big brain I ask him a question. “Have you ever passed by a restaurant and smelled delicious food?” He was “Like of course I have. So has everybody.” So I say ” Exactly. And were you charged money for smelling the food?” “Uhh no. Why would I have to pay for smelling food?” It was my gotcha moment. ” So why do you want to charge me for ice when in fact all I was doing was using the cold it provided?” Dude couldn’t wrap his head around it and gave up.

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