Some anti religious TwitLonger I found from someone who’s acting a little too annoying foray

It’s funny that I’m being “Cancelled for my take on religion, It’s almost like the right aren’t as thick skinned as they claim to be

I will not apologize for Expressing my Views, I have gone my entire life afraid to Say something and speak up against religion, Because the way Christianity is, Just questioning it is a sin

Christians for decades would Silence Anyone who apposed them, They would Censor media Showing anything against their beliefs, Quite similar to the modern left, So all of this is kind of ironic


I will admit some of my takes (Especially out of context) might have been a little much

I don’t think Religion should be wiped of the face of the earth or Banned

Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want, That’s a human right, But I can also criticise those beliefs, And I can wish I they didn’t exist

I do think the world would be better off without religion, Just like I think it would be better off without racism, Sexism, Fascism, Communism, Any other nonsensical ideas

Now does that mean I hate all Religious people or think all Religious people are evil and bad

No I never said that, Many people in my family are religious, Many people I follow and interact with are also religious

This entire thing started over someone else’s tweet, Some one tweeted if god loved all their creations why would They Make people have gender Dysphoria (I’m paraphrasing)

Someone else responded saying because God isn’t real, So it started this entire debate of me and other people going back in forth on why God was or wasn’t real, It then got out of hand as people started quote tweeting certain aspects out of Context


Some people even tried to make this a much bigger deal trying to bring in other content creators for whatever reason

That’s when tipster quote tweeted me, I responded to him explaining my point of view, That I do think it’s weak to believe in religion, If there was a book that tells you all the answers and you take it at face value yes that is a weakness, You should question that, You should question everything

Truth be told we know nothing

But I knew the reason he replied was because we had an argument the day before, He went off on My friend or someone I think is my friend, Scrimzox, Scrimzix commented on one of his videos and Tipster blew up on him and made a bunch of tweets shitting on him

I quote tweeted him saying hey your overreacting

Tipster immediately got mad at me, Started saying how he supported me, That I must support him back, When I’m not going to support someone because they did the same to me, what I saw tipster say about Scrimzox was wrong in my opinion so I called that out

He then got some push back so he deleted the tweets and Apologized to me

But the next day From my Point of view he saw a win against me and he took it, I get it, It’s how Twitter works, But still he kept bringing up how he supported me so I must do the same

You can be religious I don’t care, Im not going to harass you or make videos calling you names, But I will express why I believe religion is false

I have many person reasons to not be religious, I mean look at the world, It’s a godless one, Most of the people causing pain are supposed God fearing People

I have been attacked for who I am so many times, And the constant excuse is religion, I’ve been told so many times that I’m godless and evil, That I will burn in hell

If I do burn in hell well so be it, But If god is good as people claim Then there would be no hell

*Blocking Pain and Suffering*

The guy shits on my tweets constantly, I’ve never said anything negative about him once, But when I’ve brought things like Why are people transphobic he comments things like “Oh it’s because of people’s religion* He kind of tried to justify it, Atleast from my POV that’s what he’s been doing, For some reason he took some of my tweets even obvious joke tweets to heart, He brought more attention to a certain tweet

So I decided to finally block the guy, Because it’s clear we have huge difference in opinion, And he took my opinions very personally when I didn’t do the same

*Religious Holocaust*

Why yes of course I believe all Religious people should be gassed /J lol

That was an obvious joke, The amount of times I’ve state I hate the Nazis, That I’ve compared other people to Nazis, You would think it would be obvious

I made a random joke in the middle of a thread, And someone posted that saying is this you, And I responded saying Yes gas religious people, Looking through my Tweet history, I immediately said that it was a joke, I can’t believe I have to clarify that

*Christians are sensitive*

Now I have notice a lot of people tweet out oh wow the LGBTQ Community are so sensitive, Which is kind true to be fair, But so are religious people, This kind of proves it, I call out transphobia and get labeled as sensitive, I call Out religion and then I get attacked and spammed for hours on end

Just like I would from the dream stan community, If your going to go around saying people like me are so sensitive then atleast dont do the same when I call out your religion

Conclusion Liberals and Conservatives are so fucking sensitive, Maybe I am to ok I don’t care lol

Also I had people saying You can’t Joke about Religious holocaust, These are the same people that make edgy jokes, So what is it, Can you make jokes on anything, Or are there certain things you can’t joke about

I don’t care if your religious “I just disagree with your choice” as many people say to me, Believe what you want, Let me believe what I want, You can think the world would be better without atheists just as I think the same about religion

That is free speech after all

Oh and Scrimzox Ratio /J again btw

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