Some fucker on a Vietnamese outfit post, started good then devolved into whatever this kind of person is

So what, a white guy cannot know better VietNamese culture than yourself? What the hell this kind of racist comment?

Who does give u vaccines actually if it wasn’t white guys?

Who does push your tourism industry if it wasn’t white guys?

Who does put up your economy if it wasn’t the whites guys from Europe, Russia or US?

Who protect you against a Chinese invasion if it wasn’t whites guys? What will happen when you are still begging left and right any help for VietNam if white guys doesn’t help u?

U have more white guys loving and helping VietNam because the have more heart and more kindness than you will never have in your f****g all life

During the 4th Covid wave u already forgot who are helping you and who give you food and money to eat? Shut your mouth and be a real Vietnamese and not a racist Chinese as you are doing right now.

Personally i teach at the University and i am a specialist of Southeastasia, i have a Master degree in History, politic and i am Doctorate on Anthropology and sociology. I know perfectly the Southeast Asian ethnies and culture and
i already published 3 books…. Damned your comment is a proof of your ignorance and surely a frustration due to your low education and culture.

Chắc chắn e là một nhà quê từ nông thon

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