Some guy’s novel page long rant on a King of The Hill Episode

This episode this fucking episode when I 1st saw this I wanted to fucking dismbowl pretty much everyone in Arlen except Bobby. It all started with Ladybird’s birthday and Hank is so happy with her that I wouldn’t be surprised if he fucked that dog considering he never showed his own wife Peggy any intimate bedroom time I wouldn’t put it pass me if he coated his shit tainted asshole with peanut butter and having Ladybird lick that nasty asshole. So Lucky who by the way was played by Tom Petty of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers who also married Luanne for the remainder of the series notice that Bobby feels so left out and you sir Hank Hill are a lousy father. I mean if your niece’s fiance who bye the way got settlement money after “slipping on peepee at Costco” is a better father then you Hank then well you fucked up as a father. So what was the present that Lucky gave Bobby drumroll please it’s a Burmese Python named Joshie Snake. I love him but when he was told to put down his new snake companion, Joshie Snake started to slither as snakes do which freaks out the inbred Confederate loving motherfucking hicks of Arlen which I might add in a reference of Sam Kenison snakes slither because “THEY DONT HAVE FUCKING LEGS YOU HILLBILLY JACKASSES OH AHHHHH!!!!” As that Fat Bastard,Hank Hill, started to hurt that beautiful snake, it started hissing at him and was about to strike at Hank HAHAHAHAHAHA 😀 fuck you Hank fuck you. So what does The Fat Bastard do why he he calls up Dale. Now before this horrible cuntwaste of an episode to a decent cartoon, I tolerated Dale yes he was bit of a loudmouthed jackass but he had some funny lines but after this godforsaken episode, I wanted to gouge his fucking eyes with a switchblade and hear his screams of agony as it’s music to MAH ears. But you think that Dale being an EXTERMINATOR he would have just took it away to a reptile breeder or anything of the sort but no he lets our Holy Snake slither down the toilet and now he’s loose in the sewers of Arlen,Texas. So then that Fat Bastard went off to these lazy motherfuckers who made an whole “lynch the snakes” message cause apparently everyone on the fucking planet hates snakes and are afraid of them well in the words of George Carlin”all those crackers who are scared of black people are the same fuckers who want to bring back slavery” I mean this episode is infuriating to those who care about snakes like me I mean just cause snakes aren’t furry and cuddley as cats and dogs, that doesn’t mean go out and lynch snakes cause if your in favor of lynching snakes cause you hate them, then you would be the same crackers who fly that goddamn Confederate flag cause you love crackers and hate anybody that’s not an inbred cracker. So the episode continues with everyone (minus Bobby of course) into fucking members of that white hooded cracker group, The Ku Klux Klan. Hell, they were indoctrinating CHILDREN in this piece of dogshit episode to hate snakes. I really wanted to fucking MURDER Hank Hill, Dale Gribble and those hick motherfuckers with a straight razor as slowly as I wanted. It’s almost over and now we are getting to the end which by the way pissed me the fuck off just why? So Hank and Dale entered the sewers and Dale begins to scold the jackasses who dicked around for wasting the taxpayers money for selfish horseshit and then Dale and the 2 jackasses FUCKING LYNCHED BOBBY’S COMPANION AND THEY NEVER GET FUCKING PUNISHED INSTEAD THEY ARE REWARDED FOR THEIR QOUTE UNQOUTE “GOOD DEED” AND THEN HANK LIED TO BOBBY THAT HIS SNAKE RAN AWAY TO A FARM. Wow Hank, you must be so proud of yourself for lying to your son that his snake companion ran away instead of his neighbor and 2 jackasses just FUCKING LYNCHED THE POOR SNAKE IF I WAS BOBBY, I WOULD HAVE FUCKING MURDERED THE MOTHERFUCKERS WHO LYNCHED MAH ANIMAL COMPANION FUCK THIS EPISODE IT’S THE WORST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!! So inconclusion, this episode fucking sucks comment on what you thought of this rant anyway Ian out

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