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Just finished Episode 19 and I’m disgusted by the audacity of those Mfs at NERV. How dare they disrespect Shinji, acting like he’s replaceable and looking down on him for “running away” like he asked to be there. They didn’t even try to stop him when he tried to leave. Not even a “you sure bro?” or anything.

They can’t do shit without that mentally unstable 14 year old boy & they got him living in some rundown apartment with some fuckin Penguin. He should be having 20 thousand bad bitches by his front door with one snap of his fingers, but noooo he has to live with some naggy ass German kid who doesn’t even let him watch the color blue on TV in peace.

His dad then gonna be like “why are you back here?” MF CUS U CANT DO YOUR JOB MAYBE ?!?!?! Goofy ass MF with his Mickey Mouse gloves.

How TF can NERV create crazy ass shit like Eva’s, but can’t even keep the most submissive child at bay ?!?

I swear when Shinji gets out of that Angel, Human, Robot, Eva or whatever tf that thing is supposed to be, they better start licking his shoes clean & beg for forgiveness. Nerv is really getting on my NERVES (see what i did there?).

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