Someone in my friends school supposedly shit on the floor, this was posted on the schools review couple days later.

Yes, it’s me, I’m shitting on your floors. And no,
I’m not doing it by chance, oh nooo, it’s
no accident. By now it’s my habit,
unforgettable habit, fucking
addiction. The thrill it provokes
for me to commit this crime,
can only be compared to ecstasy. You don’t believe me? Let me tell you.
Our school is a place of total control and
consequence, but not in the toilet! Not in this
beautiful intimate place where you are
only you, an anonymous artist, your brush and
gold paint you will replace this snow blue
throne, in your Opus Magnum. Bob Ross
once said: “We do not make mistakes;
We just have happy accidents. ”These
words have even more power in the toilet.
Every drop on the porcelain has its place
and reason. All living in harmony. But my
creation is not only artistic expression. It is also a manifesto against slavery in which my creations are not only artistic expression.
This is also a manifesto against the captivity in which
we live where man held responsible for every action,
where every spontaneous movement,
Is recorded. So the next time
you come across my work, do not say:
“Fucking freshman shat on the floor”.
Show your fucking respect and admire,
what I have created. I know most of you have
too poorly developed brains to comprehend my
pioneering, but that won’t stop me. My
masterpiece will be studied in the future.
People will kill each other, just to
to smell what I have created. But for now,
I’ll just do my job.

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  1. (If the video is unplayable, skip to the next section.)


    Now that I’ve found, I lost it all
    I tried to save my soul, but it’s in vain
    No one knows, what’s in my head
    I won’t let you in, you’ll see the truth inside
    I think you’re crazy. You don’t know me
    But if you really want to see, let me explain
    (I’m insane)

    There’s no one up in heaven, but us
    (I’m a)

    I’m the best. (I’m a)
    I know you love me (I’m a)
    (I’m a)
    There’s no one up in heaven but us (I’m a)
    (I’m a)


    Let’s go make a baby, and be a new man, (new man)
    let’s go be a better man, (better man)
    let’s be a bad boy and let’s be a bad girl (bad girl)
    Let’s go make a baby (make a baby)

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