Someone recreated YandereDev’s cummies in less than 2 weeks

Someone re-created YandereDev’s cummies in less than 2 weeks!”

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No, not really.

Someone extracted YandereDev’s cummies and used those cummies to develop a simple sperm prototype. They created an announcement trailer showing off what they had done. Despite the fact that their sperm prototype only contains a fraction of the functionality of YandereDev’s cummies, their announcement trailer gave hundreds of thousands of people the false impression that it was possible to “re-create” the entirety of the cummy wummies in only two weeks.

The only reason that their prototype looks even remotely presentable is because they simply copy-pasted all of the sperms that were created by my single testicle over the course of 6 years. (Not donor-bought cummies, but YandereDev’s original, copyrighted sperm.) They created nothing original, and simply stole all of my cum. It’s the most blatant theft I’ve ever seen in the history of the cummy industry.

Because hundreds of thousands of people were tricked into believing that it’s possible to re-create YandereDev’s cummies within two weeks, my (and my testicle’s) work has been completely devalued, I have begun to receive a massive amount of harassment, and I have started to lose all of the support and cummies that I had spent 6 years building up.

This is not a case of “another testicle is making a superior cummy!” but is a case of a con artist pulling a scam that is tricking hundreds of thousands of people into hating me and my cummy wummies.

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