Someone use a photo of a girl for a cat fish on 4chan. A guy wrote an entire “perfect day” for he and the girl that ended up with them being married, having children and him surviving cancer.

Imagine this baby, we wake up next to each other with the sunrise. We are already facing each other and we smile, knowing that another day together will be perfect. I make you pancakes with fresh fruit and berries and homemade whipped cream. After breakfast we run a personal errand or two and meet up to go for a walk in the hills on the outskirts of town. We have a picnic in the shade of the large oak where we had our first kiss. You look upon the town below and mention how lovingly you want our future to grow, together. We talk about all manner of things and we tease each other playfully. Then we make passionate love in the sweet summer grass.
Later when night falls our friends have us over for dinner and a few drinks. It’s such a great time with everyone! We walk through the romantic, lantern-lit streets and find a quiet bench where the stars are still visible. The stars and crescent moon shimmer off your perfect eyes.
You place your hand on my chest (had a sick pump from chest day today) and kiss me. We get warm and emotional in each other’s arms and we hurry home to make passionate love before falling asleep. The perfect day.
Two weeks go by and you notice that you’re late on your cycle. You take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive (because of how fertile you are, mmmmm). rejoice and thank God that I’ve found the perfect partner. We live out our days happily married, going to church on the weekends and developing our careers. We have a son, and a daughter after two years who both turn out
well. It’s not without struggle though, as I am diagnosed with cancer, but you support my struggle and I beat it. Our kids successfully finish college and enter careers of their own. We grow old together.One day we take that walk back up to that tree on the hill; we know that we want to be buried there, so we buy the land and make it a botanical garden for charity as our retirement hobby.

If any of that is of interest bby give me ur digits 😉

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