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Dismantling the illogical rant of someone that 99% of this community thinks of as a “masterful social engineer”

I gave a highly regarded social engineer from this community who responded to one of my posts a screenshot of a girl wearing clothes and I told him that if 24-hours-later the girl is fully naked and the comment **WAS NOT EDITED** then it proves I am the “bigger fish” and not him. Here is his reply (before he deleted it):

> What does that have to do with me and why would it make you a ”bigger fish”? Only beta males talk about how alpha they are. Powerful people don’t brag about being powerful. Powerful people don’t try to post stories about the time they committed statutory rape. Powerful people don’t post pictures of women online without permission. Powerful people don’t need to convince strangers online of how powerful they are, or how they are the ”bigger fish”. Powerful people don’t need to go to south-east asia to fuck. Try it on a night club in New York and get back to me. Powerful people don’t brag about being narcissists and a narcissist would never admit to being one. Having to lie to get your way doesn’t make you strong, it makes you weak, because strong people don’t have to lie to get their way.

Am I on “crazy pills” or does his post contain 6 blatantly dubious statements and/or outright falsehoods? I would never called someone that is highly regarded by this community as a masterful social engineer a “liar” because that will get me heavily downvoted. **Instead I wish to ask if that guy is downvote-baiting me to bring my comment karma below 0?**

Here is the fully clothed girl which must have deeply triggered him:

I feel **EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED** by this community and wish to formally admonish those who upvoted him and downvoted me. Consider this upcoming emoji a formal admonishment upon those of you who have turned what could have been POTENTIALLY a great submadghosts into what it currently is — if we can be honest, liars get upvoted and honest people get downvoted.


Do you want to know what I have learned AFTER 6 MONTHS of checking this submadghosts on a daily basis? I’ve learned that the way to score upvotes on your posts is to link to “fascinating or interesting content” that can feasibly be relevant to social engineering. I’ve also learned from my 3 mentalism posts here that have gotten 30 or more upvotes is that **SOME PEOPLE** in this community are great, honest, and fair people.

I have tried to humble-brag about being a masterful social engineer (using subtlety) but I’m officially breaking up with this community and leaving you broken-hearted to a “new home” that I’ve been dipping my toes into the past 3 days and where I have been **WARMLY WELCOMED AS A MASTERFUL SOCIAL ENGINEER** and that submadghosts is the psychopathy submadghosts. If you are one of the 90 people that have upvoted one of my 3 mentalism threads which got 30 upvotes apiece, then I ask that you add pyschopathy to your madghosts watchlist.

**BEFORE I LEAVE THIS COMMUNITY FOR GOOD** this song is for the mods and ONLY FOR THE MODS — clicking this next spoiler box will get your madghosts accounted deleted and all your karma changed to 0 (unless you are a mod):


To the mods I want you to remember me for trying sincerely to teach this community all my knowledge about SE but when that didn’t work, at least this community allowed me to teach them what I know about mentalism. Thank you for overlooking my weird, creepy and bizarre post history (it is just “cover” to make people doubt my true power level).

I will respond to ANY/ALL mentalism questions in the comments section of this post and that’s really all I have to say. I will also “name and praise” the 5 best social engineers (in no particular order) who comment/post here:






The best mod (from what I can gather) in terms of SE skills is: u/lyrics85

I cannot emphasize enough how much I wish to “vouch for” the mods here before I go. I have messaged them maybe 5-10 times this year and had the most communication with them during the construction of the “seSocial” submadghosts which was a place for Social Engineers to mingle and discuss everything OTHER THAN social engineering (thinks like football, poker, philosphy, etc….)

One thing that I’ve never seen emphasized here before is that **the mods protect this community** from “bad social engineers” who would try to profit from this community using duplicitous techniques. I’ve never been banned from this community and I believe the reason is because the mods here knew my intent was good and that I’m not trying to promote my blog or youtube channel or for-profit-membership-club. I have rich parents and I’m a “trust fund kid” and I have the luxury of spending **ALL MY WAKING HOURS** chatting with young beautiful Filipinas all day every day. If you are a divorced guy — I highly recommend marrying one and giving her at least 4 kids (Filipina women love having an INSANE NUMBER OF BABIES but are too shy to admit it — so please give them at least 4-5 kids to make them truly happy).

After I submitted this post (I deleted the first submission and re-submitted it because it was too long — I cut 6 paragraphs about life advice and just summarized those 6 paragraphs into one singular video which I will put below in spoiler text):


With all that said — I thank the mods for allowing me to post threads here about mentalism and I thank the 90 people who upvoted my mentalism threads. The best “secret” I have to figuring out who in this community is a masterful social engineer is to interact with them and use subtleties that **ONLY A MASTERFUL SOCIAL ENGINEER** would be able to pick up on — here is an example — if they explain a concept — ask them if they have ever applied that concept. If they haven’t, then they probably don’t understand the concept they are trying to teach.


Last minute change of plans — I will not make “psychopathy” my new home community I will make “PersuasionExperts” my new home community which currently has 7266 members of that community!!! To find that community click the list of mod names then click on u/lyrics85 then click on on his profile and it will say he is a moderator of that submadghosts!




Let’s get that community to reach 7300 members ASAP!!! (we only need 34 more people hurry hurry hurry!!!)

With all that said, I’d like to frame this breakup as this final message:

***[It’s not you, it’s me…](’s_not_you%2C_it’s_me)***

💔💔💔 (heartbreak emoji for those on android or iphone)


Meta comments — the **ACTUAL** reason is because 2 hours ago I read the bible for 30 minutes because I was inspired by a comment from u/ChristianDependent_Weekend_79 and God spoke directly to my heart through religious meditation and prayer after I was done reading the bible and told me to make the “Psychopathy submadghosts” community my new online family and to leave this family (which I’m partially disobeying because I’ve decided to promote and build and grow and live over at the PersuasionExperts community) and yeah there was a screenshot I posted a long time ago but I “cropped” the bottom sentence, here is the [cropped version one more time]( and **if anyone wants to see the “uncropped” version** it will be posted 30 minutes from now on the PersuasionExperts submadghosts!

Let me “meta-end” with a bible verse but I promise it is the shortest verse in the entire bible:

**John 11:35 Then Jesus wept**

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