South park homophobia

South Park doesn’t get to decide what’s offensive to gay people

Fuck you, Matt and Trey. Do you even know what you’ve done? You spend a week frantically coming up with an episode without any consideration of the consequences. You don’t even know what you did

I can’t believe how many douche bags still try to justify that daily propaganda which re-enforces perceptions of inferiority of gay people by saying “Here’s a South Park episode that *just so happens* to mirror my opinion on the matter”

Here’s an idea, melon heads. How about you formulate your own opinions for once, and stop sourcing your philosophy and ideology from a 90s cartoon. Yes? It’s not your opinion. You didn’t have an opinion, until South Park told you what to think, because apparently you see South Park as some sort of guide to life.

It’s not your opinion, don’t pretend that you had that opinion and then South Park *just so happened* to come out with an episode that matched it afterwards.

How stupid do you think people are they would believe you formulated it yourself instead of just ripping it off South Park as an easy way to justify your insensitive bullshit whenever challenged? You’re not fooling anybody. Think for yourselves.

Two heterosexual comedians from America don’t get to decide what is offensive or not to gay people. Yes?

Two heterosexual comedians get to decide what’s offensive to gay people but gay people don’t? What?

And the way you upvote gay people who parrot your opinions and downvote gay people who disagree is just disgraceful. Equality my ass! You’re like racists who prop up a “‘model negro” or something. I don’t care that some ass kissing door mat house queer is so desperate to be your friend they validate anything you say to get you to like them. Fuck them!

I’m not triggered by faggot because I’ve only had it shouted out of cars at me a few times but that doesn’t mean the many people who get flashbacks to beatings and disownings and bullying just don’t matter. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m the exception, not the rule.

Most people aren’t triggered by rape jokes, does that mean rape victims who are don’t matter? No.

Would a white person *ever* have the audacity to tell black people to not get offended over the word nigger? Fuck no. Well except that Chris Rock thing, which is equally bullshit.

But for some bizarre reason, heterosexuals are so arrogant they think they can tell us what is offensive to gay people or not. How would you know?

I don’t care if you don’t mean it that way, I don’t care if your gay friends say it, I don’t give a *shit* what South Park has to say.

>Because perpetrators are generally well-meaning and microaggressions are subtle, their recipients often experience attributional ambiguity, which may lead them to dismiss the experience and blame themselves as overly sensitive.

>If challenged by the minority person or an observer, perpetrators will often defend their microaggression as a misunderstanding, a joke, or something small that shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

Sound familiar anyone? It’s like every madghostsor ever!

The word “faggot” holds mega weight with many people. It involuntarily teleports them to the worst moments of their life, when they had screamed at them being beaten, when their parents disowned them, when their best friend kicked them in the face after they came out.

Nobody “chooses” to be “offended”. But you do choose to be an asshole. No, words don’t only have power if you let them. That’s not how language works. That’s only said by people who’ve never been systematically dehumanised with language. It’s not how words work, not that you’d know since you’ve never had to experience anything like it

And no, when someone calls you a fag, it’s not the same thing. Being called gay as an insult to your hetero masculinity is not the same as being gay and being *used* as an insult because you are seen as inferior and that’s *why* you’re used as an insult

It’s a triggering word. When I hear a loud crash I’m immediately teleported back to when I’d jolt awake at the sound of smashed glass when my parents would fight. My stomach flips and my heart skips just like it would all those years ago. It scarred me and my brother for life. Now we can’t hear sudden noises or crashes, even slight ones, without having flashbacks and having our stomachs flip and our hearts skip.

This isn’t voluntary. It’s a reflex. It’s called a trigger for a reason. You don’t choose to be triggered by certain words or certain sounds. You can’t just choose to not be triggered by certain words or sounds if they have weight attached. I don’t care if some asshole on tumblr misappropriated triggers or microaggression, stop using them as a straw man to continue your wilful ignorance, nobody is buying it.

This is what you are doing for the large amount of gay people who are triggered by such words. And you’re doing it all day every day. Using faggot and dyke and “that’s gay” contributes greatly to LGBT teen suicide regardless of your damn context and your pedantic bullshit. If you perpetuated that culture in school and a gay kid killed themselves, you’ve got blood on your hands.

You contributed to pain with your language. Don’t try and down play it or excuse it or stick your fingers in your ears and down vote me. You did it and it’s done. You can’t change the past but you can change the present by choosing to not be an asshole. Take responsibility for yourselves for once in your life.

It’s like waving a rolled up newspaper in front of an abused dog and then telling the dog to stop being scared because you “don’t mean it”.

It’s like making rape jokes in front of rape victims. Would you make rape jokes in front of rape victims and the tell them there’s no need to be triggered with involuntary flashbacks and panic attacks because you “didn’t mean it that way”? Have you ever considered there are rape victims present when making rape jokes? No, because you don’t think about anyone but yourself

Have you ever considered what memories you might be sparking with your words? The dozens of memories you could be sparking that symbolise hell itself for that individual? No. Because you’ve never had to experience it, and you don’t even want to try to understand what it could be like. Because South Park told you it’s okay. And South Park is Jesus.

Are you so selfish and entitled and is your vocabulary so minuscule you can’t scrape the depths of your brain and find another word that doesn’t add onto the constant bullshit they have to deal with?

Are you really that desperate to look like an immature, empathy devoid moron?

All of the painful memories that word summons up in many people’s minds, the beatings, the street abuse, the family abuse, the school abuse, the internet abuse, on TV, in movies, constantly throughout their whole life, and you’re gonna turn around and tell them they shouldn’t get “offended” because South Park said so? What?

If you use a cartoon to justify using the word faggot you need to grow up, take responsibility for yourself and learn to formulate your own opinions instead of sourcing your philosophies from a bloody satirical cartoon from the 90s

ahhhhhhhhhhhh that’s better

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