spaceuk’s startling stunt

one day i was walking on the park. just a normal day then i saw spaceuk! i was like “OMG SPACE IS DAT U???” then he brought me into a dark alleyway and said “shh don’t tell anyone” then he proceeds to pull out his mouse and omggg it’s so huge like omega huge. he said that if i tell anyone he will slaughter my entire body. he proceeds to make me sakupen his nuts until i get wet. after that he proceeds to put it in… oh my god. he’s so big!! he proceeds to do me like im his little slave… i felt a sonic wave all over my body.. i thought to myself “is he a hard machine?” after that we both came at the same time. so i asked him if i could give him my number and call me maybe.

#spaceuks #startling #stunt

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  1. the contrary, the hell that I open your arguments are watching the lodge just hanging with the seed oil rigs will pay it tbhHey bro! Stop (space) Hotel Las flores florecen

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