Spaghetti rant (found in the comments of an r/marvelstudios thread)

Sorry you opened this cans of worms OP, but I gotta get this shit off my chest.

Why the FUCK are there so many types of spaghetti?! The last 3 times I’ve gone to get spaghetti noodles they’ve been sold out of just spaghetti noddles. They have thick spaghetti, thin spaghetti, veggie spaghetti, gluten free spaghetti, whole grain spaghetti, but no plain jane run of the mill spaghetti. What the fuck has happened the last 5 years to create so many bullshitty versions of a simple pasta?! And why the FUCK do stores not realize they’re perpetually out of just spaghetti when the spot is always fucking empty but the veggie spaghetti stays put? NO THAT MANY PEOPLE WANT VEGGIE SPAGHETTI! FUCK

Again, very sorry OP

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