spiders love infection cream uwu

I like putting spider eggs up my poosay so when they hatch they will scratch my poosay. One day I was doing this and my poosay started hurting. Turns out I got an infection! I was so exited because spiders love the white sticky stuff that comes out of my wounds.

This time I put 4 spider eggs instead of 2 or 1. And it started to hurt very much. I went to the doctor and he treated me like i was an insane person. The spiders started escaping and they live under my bed now, with the others. Its easier to farm more spider eggs now that I have more spiders. I asked my friends about this and they said to scratch my poosay normally. Whatever, I don’t even know what normal means.

I asked others online and they said I was a “troll”. People are so mean!! Atleast my other friends think I look good. Anyway, my friend came over to my house. I had a hard time trying to walk because my poosay always hurts when I walk. They were looking for me and I was just in my bedroom watching tv and waiting for the more spider eggs. They found me and I was like “Heyyy gurrl! Wanna watch some boys fight over bicycle horns? And a spider crawled up to her leg and she was very scared. She killed the poor thing. I was so sad and I thought “that poor spider had a life” (UNLIKE MY DUMB FRIEND SMH) and i felt so bad.

She looked under my bed to see where they came from, and WOW DID MY EARS HURT. She screamed so loudly and I immediately kicked her out of my house. Anyway, after they laid there eggs, I continued at what I did best.

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