Stanley parable Nuke ending

Ah, now this is making things a little more fun, isn’t it, Stanley? It’s your time to shine! You are the star! It’s your story now; shape it to your heart’s desires.

Ooh, this is much better than what I had in mind! What a shame we have so little time left to enjoy it.

Mere moments until the bomb goes off, but what precious moments each one of them is! More time to talk about you, about me, where we’re going, what this all means…I barely know where to start!

What’s that? You’d like to know where your co-workers are? A moment of solace before you’re obliterated?

Alright. I’m in a good mood. You’re going to die anyway. I’ll tell you exactly what happened to them: I erased them. I turned off the machine; I set you free.

Of course, that was merely in this instance of the story. Sometimes when I tell it, I simply let you sit there in your office forever, pushing buttons endlessly and then dying alone. Other times, I let the office sink into the ground, swallowing everyone inside; or I let it burn to a crisp.

I have to say this, though, this version of events has been rather amusing. Watching you try to make sense of everything and take back the control wrested away from you…it’s quite rich. I almost hate to see it go!

But I’m sure whatever I come up with on the next go around will be even better.

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