Stop sending me trap

If i walked up to you right fuckin now, me being a dude and you being a dude, if you were turned on by me THAT WOULD BE GAY. Its no different for fukcing traps Just cause they dress like a chick dont mean they are a chick they got a *dick* its GAY, and dont say the dick makes it cuter That doesnt make it cuter it makes yoU EVEN GAYER, THAT MAKES YOU GAY, BITHC, And you send me pictures of em, with there little skirts lifted and there nuts hanging out I DONT WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT, IM NOT GAY LIKE YOU. STOP SENDING ME HENTAI, STOP SENDING ME ANIME PICTURES, STOP SENDING ME TRAP. OH MY GOOOD.

#Stop #sending #trap

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  1. /u/Antsy_Antlers, I have found an error in your post:

    > “~~Its~~ [**It’s**] no different”

    I deem this post by you, Antsy_Antlers, incorrect; it should read “~~Its~~ [**It’s**] no different” instead. ‘Its’ is possessive; ‘it’s’ means ‘it is’ or ‘it has’.

    ^(This is an automated bot. I do not intend to shame your mistakes. If you think the errors which I found are incorrect, please contact me through DMs!)

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