Stop typing “Ez” in the game chat after a win, you sound like a tool.

Seriously, every game someone on the winning team has to chime in with an “Ez” even in game modes like quick play classic. Last night we kept getting matched with a top 500 player in mayhem, mayhem! Every game was “Ez” “Ez.” Like chill, it’s mayhem, we’re just messing around. And QPC, most people are trying out characters they don’t usually play. Even in hard fought, down to the wire comp matches, “Ez” You sound like an idiot. What kind of sportsmanship is that? Grow up kids.

Honestly, game chat has to be the most toxic edition to the game. Between the homophobic and racial slurs, almost nothing positive comes from the chat.

Edit. To all the people thinking I’m mad about it, no. You just sound stupid. Just thought I’d let you know how you sound to everyone else in the game. Ez.

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