Story of How my Asus-ROG HK-7847 Gaming Laptop® has malfunctioned

Parental figure that is of XX chromosome, with deep regret, sadness and disappointment i must inform you, at this ungodly evening night, in our four story, 200 acres of land residence of rather figuratively wealthy mansion of ours, that during my residence in a so called “public school of education”, my classmate and fellow acquaintance “Jeremy Jeremiath Jeremino Geronimo the 6th” has passed gas directly towards my beloved Asus-ROG HK-7847 Gaming Laptop® with an RTX (Ray Tracing X) 3070, Sixteen Gigabytes of DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) RAM (Random Access Memory) and an i7-10510U CPU (Central Processing Unit), causing it to malfunction due to my ever mentioned classmate and fellow acquaintance passing his gas directly inside my precious beloved Asus-ROG HK-7847. Parental figure of XX Chromosome, I, Adrian adrianeth jessica the 2st, require a sealed, brand new Asus-ROG HK-7847 so that i can once again commence writing inappropriate messages to children of under the legal age, people of color and the disabled (Transsexuals who are not comfortable in their given chromosomes before birth)

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