The Boys S3 EP7 Take on “Roxanne Wolf is so hot” Copy pasta

Crimson Countess fox is so hot. Never in the history of cinema has there been a hotter character. She is more than a figment of Black Noir’s imagination to me, she is a person. She is a little tease but she’s basically my wife. The animators know what they did with that fox. The aesthetic paired with her demeanor make her such an attractive character. Nothing gets me going better than an animated super hero fox chick. Every inch of her is so hot. Her thighs up to her midriff and her eyes. Every inch of her is perfection incarnate. I would re watch The Boys S3 EP7 countless times to feel more intimacy between us. I crave more than lustful fantasies with her, I seek deep romantic involvement. The craftsmanship of her character surpasses everything I expected from this series. Her tone of voice and language choice formats her character. The choice of clothes with spandex and the cut off which reveal her delectable cleavage and beautiful fox arms compliment her dominatrix personality more. She is my wife, and nothing dissuades me from this

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