the concept album

Roger Waters started twerking on real men. And then drank squirt SPLOOSH. Such creamy noises from the studio while the others watched in disbelief. More splashing sounds could be heard as the moaning increased WOOSH SPLASH KWOWSH SHPLANG. Nick Mason was literally crying and shitting himself from the terrible sight of what the fuck he was seeing. Dick throbbing, mouth watering, groaning, moaning, even toe curling. “WHAT THE FUCK STOP IT ROGER” David screamed, he did not like what was happening. “NO ITS FOR THE CONCEPT ALBUMS” Roger yelled. David started crying as rogers twerking got faster, his ass kinda stank so it was like having a dead possum swung in front of your face multiple times. Then all of a sudden Roger just like fell to the floor and passed out! So silly. Then they all kinda stood there. “Did he die or something?” Rick said. “OH NO WHAT DO WE DO??” Nick said crying some more #el oh el. “You guys are dumb, you cant die by twerking so much. He’s just passed out leave him alone.” David said. They waited like 10 minutes and the roger woke up, he was freaking out. “WHERE IS IT??? WHERE ARE THEY??” roger like yelled, shaking Rick. “uh what, are you ok roger? I don’t think you should twerk ” Rick said, very concerned. “WHERE’S THE HAND RICK??? I KNOW YOU KNOW NOW TELL ME” Roger shook Rick even more. “I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAND YOUR TALKING ABOUT ROGER ” Rick yelled. “Uh roger, can you relax please your just hallucinating there’s no hand coming after you.” David said, breaking it up. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. Nick walked over to the door and opened it “Hi im peppy castro from the blues magoos, don’t question anything else please.” Peppy was holding a giant hand and started charging at Roger, Roger was screaming and backing against the wall and Peppy finally grabbed him and ran out. He quickly shoved him in the back of a car and peppy jumped in the passenger’s seat “DRIVE RALPH” he yelled. The other members like chased them out the door to watch them drive away. “Uh so like what the fuck do we do???” Nick said. “Well i dont know nick, what do we do after ONE OF OUR FUCKING FRIENDS JUST GOT KIDNAPPED BY THAT RANDOM ASS DUDE?” David yelled. “I mean he gots a funny little name, Peppy,” Rick said giggling. “True, what fucking name is peppy” nick said starting to laugh. Nick and Rick just started laughing instead of actually caring about the fact that their friend just got kidnapped. “Ok shut the fuck up, what do we do about Roger?!” David said. “I don’t know, let’s find out who PEPPY is,” Nick said, laughing even more. “Ok, let’s see, So that weird little dude said he was apart of a band called The Blues Magoos, right??” David said. Nick just started laughing even more because funny little name for band. “Yeah but what do we do with that information?” Rick said, still laughing. “I mean we could probably get a lot of information just from that.” david was putting puzzles together like he’s a little detective.

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