The conversation…

Space Beth: My God. You’re not mad that it was about you. You’re mad that it wasn’t. He wanted to permit our love.

Jerry: Okay it’s not handsmaid’s tale to loop in your husband.

Beth: I agree for the record, we made a mistake.

Space Beth: Because we should’ve noticed ourselves losing control and gone to sex master Jerry, and said oh pretty please, Jerry, can I make out with myself?”

Jerry: Yes you may.

Beths: Pause

Jerry: See not so hot when it’s above board. Homewreckers.

Space Beth: Oh so we won’t enjoy this?

Beth: Well hold on, hold on. This is weird.

Jerry: Weird. And Permitted

Beth: Wait, you like this?

Space Beth: Who cares what he likes.

Beth: I do.

Jerry: I might like it. And if she likes it, I permit it.

Space Beth: You little pervert.

Jerry: You like a little pervert.

Space Beth: I like humiliating a little pervert.

Jerry: I approve. Carry on.

Beth: I’m freaked out by how hot this is.

Beth: Am I permitted to do this?

Jerry: Until further notice.

Beth: I love it.

Jerry: Then it’s permitted from now on

Space Beth: Oh because you like whatever she likes. Because you’re a worm.

Jerry: I will allow that assessment.

Space Beth: I don’t care what you allow.

Beth: What do you allow?

Space Beth: I allow this.

Beth: Then it’s required.

Jerry: I approve the requirement.

Space Beth: You get over there.

Jerry: Good idea

Beth: Oh wow, okay, uh honey.

Jerry: I’m fine if you are.

Space Beth: You’re never fine, shut up.

Jerry: Okay but, oh whoa, okay.

Beth: This is not how I pictured this.

Jerry: I have zero complaints so far.

Space Beth: Because I know what you want.

Jerry: I do not disagree with this.

Beth: Can I make a pitch, what if we…

Space Beth: Are you serious?

Jerry: Hey is this making fun of me?

Beth: Is that bad?

Jerry: I’ll allow it
*Excited noises*
All Laughing

Jerry: Do this.
*More noises*

Space Beth: yells something at Jerry

Jerry: Sorry, is this, oooo



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