The Dictionary of Cunt

The dictionary of Cunt;

This started as a comment of mine on another post but I spent some time compiling it and it’s grown pretty extensive so I thought I would put it here, especially for any new Australians, as this word is natural to Aussies born here but can be very confusing for those who are still learning to be true blue.

Please feel free to comment any uses of this great Australian word that I have missed and I will add them in.

To get you started we will say that Cunt is ALMOST always a term of endearment with a few exceptions let’s lay down a general rule of thumb to begin;

Cunt on its own as a noun is usually good.

Positive word + Cunt is always good.

Descriptive word + Cunt is often a descriptive. But may have positive or negative connotations given context

Negative word + Cunt is usually good with a good tone (expect ‘Mouthy’ and ‘Loud’ we will get into this later) and bad with a bad tone.

Now this is a general rule of thumb and with any language there are bound to be a few exceptions so don’t use these words without thoroughly understanding the context.

Also important to note that some words that usually mean bad things in other countries have very different meanings here – ‘sick’, ‘mad’, and often ‘loose’ (unless someone is too loose) are used as positives here. And inversely ‘Dog’ is used as a very negative word. You do not ever want to ever be a ‘Dog Cunt’.

It’s basically part of the citizenship test to be able to use this word correctly so take the time to learn the rules.

On to some more complicated examples;

Regardless of tone of voice these examples tend to have a good or neutral meaning;

Cunt – mate

Sick Cunt – cool mate / good mate

Mad Cunt – full on or very helpful mate

Good Cunt – a person of good quality.

Top Cunt – probably the nicest Cunt you can use – equivalent to “a great bloke”.

Crazy Cunt / Loose Cunt – crazy (often in a good way) mate

Silly Cunt – light hearted way to say your mates made a small mistake also “you’re such a silly cunt” to say one of your mates constantly makes mistakes.

Funny Cunt – hilarious mate

Nice Cunt – a nice person

Big Cunt / Huge Cunt – a large individual

Small Cunt – a small individual

Happy Cunt – a person who’s outlook on life is more often than not positive

Fat Cunt – Calling someone gluttonous. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the persons size, they may or may not be fat but is used more so for someone that eats an inordinate amount of food especially in terms of junk food. “Jake is such a fat cunt did you see how much maccas he ate”

Skinny Cunt – actually similar to fat cunt however this one DOES reference size – usually a VERY skinny person HOWEVER usually used to reference to the fact that they are skinny even though they eat many metric shit-tonnes of shit on the reg. “Did you see that Skinny Cunt Jake fuck he can put heaps of maccas away”

Sensible Cunt – someone who is sensible. Can be used to inflict light peer pressure when used in a derisive manner (for heavier peer pressure see ‘Boring Cunt’)

Depending on tone of voice these can be taken as either a joke (good tone) or a serious insult (angry or aggressive tone);

Useless Cunt – An individual who is hopeless at achieving any set goal regardless of how simple it is. Eg: “Fuck Paul is a Useless Cunt, he couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery” (good tone – light hearted way of letting a mate know that he has let you down / not completed a task that you required)

Sly cunt – Someone who has done something behind your back however not quite to the level of a “Dog Cunt”. Eg: “Jeremy, the Sly Cunt, ate my fucking cake” (good tone – same meaning however the thing done behind your back was a nice gift or surprise eg. “Jeremy you Sly Cunt you planned me a birthday party?!”)

Dog Cunt – unloyal or underhanded – this is probably the most offensive thing that can be said in anger to a mate. Calling your mate “a Dog” or “a Dog Cunt” in anger can end relationships. (good tone – “you tricked me and or scared me”)

Dumb Cunt – a person you are angry at due to their mistakes (good tone – “aw he fucked that up I guess now I’m gonna have to fix it” – often used in the workplace)

Sad Cunt – cringey or so repetitively shit to his mates that it’s just sad (good tone – “aw mate you’re just a bit pathetic hey”)

Dead Cunt – someone you wish to engage in fisticuffs with. (Good tone – light hearted threat ie “Mate I’m gonna tackle you so hard / body line the shit out of you in Boxing Day footy / cricket you’re a Dead Cunt” )

Smart Cunt – smart used to mean disrespectful or mouthy (good tone – intelligent)

Shit Cunt – a shit person (good tone – playfully calling your mate a shit person)

Blind Cunt – often “are you fucking blind Cunt?” A person who can’t see the obvious is often used towards a referee or an umpire (good tone – to lightly chastise someone for not seeing or finding something obvious)

Some Cunt – An induvidual yet to be identified. While this on its own doesn’t technically have a negative connotation it is usually used in relation to seeking vengeance after experiencing an injustice. Eg: “Some Cunt swiped me tools on the job site last week. When I find out who this Dog Cunt is he’s a Dead Cunt”.

Deaf Cunt – often “are you fucking deaf Cunt?” used when someone hasn’t listened to you or has been told to stop being a mouthy Cunt and has refused to stop often used as a precursor to calling someone a ‘Dead Cunt’ (good tone – to lightly chastise someone for not listening or being distracted)

Boring Cunt – someone who is too sensible to have fun (good tone – used to playfully call your mate a wet blanket often used to produce peer pressure. “You’re such a fucking Sensible Cunt” can be used in a similar way)

Bright Cunt – interesting one this doesn’t matter if you say “you’re a bright Cunt aren’t you?” or “you’re NOT a bright Cunt are you?” Either way you are in fact calling the person NOT bright. (good tone – used in a similar way to Deaf Cunt, Blind Cunt, Dumb Cunt to lightly chastise someone for not understanding something)

Stingy Cunt – pronounced [stin jee cant] an individual does not have the money skills to maintain their own lifestyle and so ends up borrowing money from friends or not being responsible for their shout. Can also refer to a person who is extremely frugal to a fault. (Good tone – a light hearted way to call your frugal mate ‘cheap’)

Suss Cunt – an individual who is ‘suspect’ usually referring to someone who is dodgy, odd, strange, awkward, or shifty. (Good tone – used when you’re mate is acting off or awkward “stop being such a suss Cunt Jeremy you’ll scare off all the chicks”)

Dodgy Cunt – see Suss Cunt; an individual who is involved in dodgyness or who is inherently dodgy. (Good tone – see Suss Cunt; when one of your friends is acting different “why is Jeremy acting like such a Dodgy Cunt in front of the cops, we haven’t even done anything”)

Soft Cunt – A person who is ‘soft’. Soft has various meanings; physically or mentally weak, un-manly, low pain tolerance, effeminate, precious, whingey, and lacking conviction. “Precious Cunt” has a similar but not identical meaning (Good tone – making fun of your mate for being a bit soft.)

Precious Cunt – precious is used to describe easily offended people who complain incessantly or can’t live without creature comforts. Is similar in meaning to ‘Soft Cunt’ but lacking the application that ‘Soft Cunt’ has to physical weakness or appearance and instead implying only the lack of mental perseverance or fortitude side of the definition. Often used in reference to new apprentices. “Mate your new first year was just complaining that it was ‘too dirty on site’, he’s a bit of a Precious Cunt isn’t he?” (Good tone – making fun of your mate for being a bit soft but to a lesser extent than ‘soft Cunt’)

Whingey Cunt – a person who constantly whinges especially used when said person has no reason to whinge or is whinging for shit reasons. (Good tone – used to have a go at your mate for having a whinge about something small “Aw shit they forgot my sweet and sour sauce” “Shut up you whingey cunt I’ve got some at home from last time”)

These examples only ever have negative meanings (unless being used to describe how you mate was acting towards someone of mutual dislike);

Loud Cunt – overly loud person can also be used in a similar meaning to ‘Mouthy Cunt’

Mouthy Cunt – disrespectful and mouthy most likely to end up being called a Dead Cunt at some stage of a night out. no one wants their mate to be a Mouthy Cunt.

Actual Cunt (also uncommonly Right Cunt) – This is the only way you can call someone a cunt without adding another meaning to it but while also making it have the equivalent meaning of ‘cunt’ in the US and other countries. “Yeah nah he is an Actual Cunt though” Right Cunt is also understood in this way but is Much More common in the UK

Fucking Cunt – see ‘Actual Cunt’.

Total Cunt – see ‘Actual Cunt’ Carries the same meaning as ‘Actual Cunt’ with further emphasis on how cunty said person is.

Cunt Bag – see ‘Total Cunt’

Munted Cunt- various meanings including but not limited to the equivalent of ugly Cunt, dumb cunt, and shitcunt, etc. you can call someone ‘munted’ lightheartedly but you can’t call someone a ‘munted cunt’ in a good way.

‘Being’ a Cunt – very different to calling someone ‘a Cunt’ describing someone as having ‘been a Cunt’ / ‘were a Cunt’ or as ‘being a Cunt’ is a negative. It is understood as the same meaning as ‘Actual Cunt’. “Yeah but he was being a cunt to me so I hit him”

Confusingly where most other nations actually use the word ‘Cunt’ we tend to use ‘mate’ with a rather aggressive tone.

Eg; Foreigner – ‘You want to take this outside Cunt’ Aussie – ‘you don’t want to take this outside MATE, I really don’t think you wanna do that MATE’

Foreigner – ‘Hey Fuck you Cunt’
Aussie – ‘Hey Fuck you too MATE’.

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