The Double R

They call me The Double R cuz I’m a racist rapist. I’m both the Cist and the Pist. Man, lemme tell you about that one time where I was shouting racial slurs atop my roof at midnight as usual. This one hot chick came up to my house. She threatend to call the police, I responded by telling her that I don’t give a fuck if she calls a bunch of pussies. She kept nagging, and it was hot. My primal instincts were kicking in. I got off the roof and went up to her. You know what I did next? I gave her the ‘ol rapy. I fuckd her so hard, shouting racial slurs as loud as I could. Then, as I was cumming, I shouted the most racist fucking thing I could possibly think of. It was so fucking racist, that even a based and redpilled racist mothafucka like
me could never repeat it. When she heard that legendary slur, her ears started bleeding uncontrollably, and she died within two minutes. That was the power of the legendary slur. Be grateful that I, The Double R, have spared your lives by not saying the slur.


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