The history and lore of the term C9 (Overwatch)

C9 means that a team has failed to stay on the cart or point, dispite the fact that they clearly could have, mainly used for a overtime situation, in which failing to touch means a loss, other uses are when one team over extends, thus allowing a flanker (typically sombra) to get to the cart or point and cap the point when the other team would have easily been able to stop this from happening if they stayed on the point or cart, the term comes from a pro team named cloud9, the team is well known for a specific match, a control point match that ended in a loss in which on both points a team member could have allowed for extra time durring overtime, of course they failed to do so and thus failed to win their match, the term obviously came from a shortening of their name, from cloud9 down to C9, thats it for my ted talk, thank you and goodnight

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