The Only Girl I Know Is Real (She doesn’t know I’m in her room)

Credit cards broken some things left unspoken

She’s even forgotten my name


I gave her my V-bucks she paid me no regards

She promised after I had paid.


A desolate place, with no one to chase

It’s only the sadness I feel


Its them I spite, as I spend cash all night

The only thing that I know for real, There will be tears shed


Have to make her say my name

The only simp. Left. Will hear the streamer say his name.


Because the streamers don’t give back what they take

Oh no

There will be tears. Shed, She’s the only girl I’ve ever known!


Losing my subscriptions

Wondering if I got a way

To make the streamer say my name

She must not know my true age


Looking downward with this deadly weight

Never realizing why I simp
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