The Russian invasion of Ukraine was a promotional stunt by Epic Games to promote their new Fortnite Season.

I’ve been gathering evidence about Epic Games setting up the war in Ukraine so that more people will play Fortnite.

Here’s the list of evidence :


1A. The previous fortnite season which launched almost at the exact same time as the invasion, is all about a foreign invader with superior weapons. How clear do you want your evidence?!

2A. Tanks and anti-tank NLAWs have been added in the game, clearly a reference to the Russia Ukraine conflict.

3A. Multiple cities have been shelled by artillery fire, Tilted Towers looked like Mariupol.

4A. You can call in airstrikes with flare grenades, bombing civilian areas became possible.

5A. You literally had bad guys and good guys and they hard territory and shit and you had to fight them during attack waves (a bit like Luhansk rn)

1B. The end event had a squad of players hop into a mech and destroy dozens of tanks, nukes, and other weaponry, similar to how Ukraine has a mech probably.

2B. One of the npcs you had to fight during games was literally the embodiment of a stereotypical Russian.

3B. All NPCs speak in a foreign language, we can presume this is Ukrainian and Russian.

Not convinced? Your loss. I’m woke. I can see trough the lies.

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