The secret to happiness

From Immortal2022 on YouTube.
You wanna know the secret to happiness, Jack? When you scroll through Instagram, Twitter, or my YouTube page, you’ll find a festering sea of cringe. From there, you have two courses of action. The first path, you can follow the course of the average commenter, become engaged and seethe from the cringe. Or you can take the based path. Laugh at the misfortune of the poor souls that have a lower iq than you and wasted their effort engaging in a keyboard war. True happiness is not giving a shit about the fucking amebas cringing at a screenshot of a Madghosts post. Kill the part of you that cringes. Phnom Penh taught me that.

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  1. The secret behind happiness

    Nectar 2022 on YouTube
    Want to know the secret of Jackie’s happiness? If you search my page on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, you will find a good link. There are two links to the game. First you can find the right translation method. Throw it in the trash. Or you can use the first method. See the pain ahead Use your own strengths in home keyboard battles. The real joy of radio is that you can’t beat any amoeba that changes the picture, it kills the broken part.

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