The time I Slipped my Jimmy in front of my brother.

There I was, on my puter. Asking myself questions like: “What should I do” or “Is there a game I can play to stop the boredom?” When it hit me. I wanted to slip my jimmy. And so, I did. I pulled down my pants in a rush and slowly took off my underwear as well. I then grabbed my mouse and clicked on a folder that I had cleverly named: “funny”. It lists a handful of images sent by my loving girlfriend whom I adore. I grabbed my jimmy with excitement and started slippin. It was wonderful, as always, to be able to look at the person I love and simulate making love to her with the power of my own hand. But suddenly… footsteps could be felt through the floor: it was my little brother. I knew it, it couldn’t be anyone else! My father was out running, and my mother was out singing! I also knew something else. This little bastard refuses to knock on the door when entering a room. Alas, quick thinking wouldn’t do me justice, as my mind may be fast, but slow is my body. And so, as last resort, I swiftly closed the folder and jumped out of my chair and tried to reach my bed. But it was too late. The brother opened the door and saw me jumping, half naked, to my bed. We both quickly looked at each other in shame, when he closed the door promptly, and all became silent. I shamefully put my pants back on. I opened the door at him looking away, when I asked what he came for. He told me that he had spilled water on the floor. Least of my concern. I cleaned it and went back to my room, in silence.

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